Automatic door motor DC brushless motor automatic door accessories circular motor-in Access Control Kits from Security & Protection

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Automatic door motor DC brushless motor automatic door accessories circular motor Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name Jedrek
Model Number DR12C
Shape circular motor

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1. High-strength aluminum alloy material, surface grinding , durable
2. Drive the belt by metal alloy wheel with bearing. Good quality,  stable, applicability
3. Fully sealed structure, durable and does not leak, use a rubber band to protect screws, compression-resistant bearing
4. The motor main role is to provide power to the glass door, drive the belt to make the automatic door  running on the track!
The difference between the square and circular motor is that different appearance leads to the opening distance of the
square motor more than the circular about 20cm!
5. Small size,large power, DC brushless motor (motor life longer than the brush motor, less noise)!
6. Internal security protection circuit means, even if opened and closed frequently, can also achieve long-term trouble-free
7. Long life (more than 500,000 times)!
Product parameters: Brushless DC motor DC24V 65W
Housing material: high-strength aluminum alloy
Function: provide power to automatic doors, drive the automatic door to run on the track.
Applies to: framed sliding doors, air shower room automatic doors, color steel door, acting on the automatic door track.


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